*** Urgent: Winches wanted – ride in the cockpit on a taxi run! ***

Two Cyral Standard Bomb Winches are needed. Earn a seat in the Victor XM715 cockpit for a taxi run!
Teasin’ Tina needs help!! Some of the engine maintenance needed requires the engines to be removed. We urgently need to acquire a pair of bomb winches to assist the removal. If anyone or organisation can help we would be very grateful and offer a thrilling cockpit ride on one of our next aborted take off demonstrations.

derelict Victor

Spare Parts Appeal

Dear Enthusiast
How would you feel if ‘Teasin Tina’ ended up like this? It would be a tragedy and could well happen without your help and support.

We desperately need spare parts to maintain and keep her in good running order. If you have any souvenir parts and memorabilia, or know anyone who has, no matter how minuscule, we would love to hear from you.

Instead of gathering dust, your prized collection of unused spares could be invaluable to XM715 ‘Teasin Tina’, keeping her taxiing for years to come. Moreover, to keep your collection alive we could make an exchange – your fully serviceable part for a used, more collectable souvenir from the old girl herself!

Any donated spares that would help extend the working life of our historic V-Bomber will be gratefully received. At the very least, we will acknowledge and credit you for your generosity. You may even be asked to join the Team for a close and personal experience of ‘Teasin Tina’ on one of her taxi runs.

Most Wanted Parts
We urgently need the following:
1. Cockpit gauges / gauges for the refuelling tray.
2. Cockpit switches.
3. Landing light bulbs.
4. Most urgent of all we need to replace two brake pressure sender units

If you can help, please contact us.