Cold War Jets Open Day 25th August 2019

After weeks of preparation the day arrived – with baking temperature above 30C. The Nimrod displayed first and behaved very well.  Prior to the run Miss Leicester and Miss England arrived to encourage the team and go for the ride.  (They are in the middle, Bob and Stu in green – to avoid confusion!!)  Looked after well by Al in the rear of the Nimrod although he went dark for a while.  Miss Leicester had to exchange her briefs and bra for a brown grow bag but there were plenty on hand to assist.

Miss Leicester and Miss England- posing with two very pretty ladies

Tux getting the phone numbers down before he forgets them

The happiest smile we have seen from the Chief Engineer

Very happy Nimrod crew

Plenty more room up front – the beauty queens and two ladies in the Nimrod while Martin plays hard to get

The team were visited by Etienne Verheist who attended CWJ all the way from Antwerp.  Bob showed him the cockpit and Etienne provided some photos – glad you had a good time.
After the normal preps it was the turn of Teasin’ Tina to show off:

Centre of attention and warming up. © Mark Suffield

715 behaved very well again with Bob, Stu and Terry in the cockpit.  The good run was appreciated by the big crowd and made all the hard work by our engineers worth it.  Big smiles all round.

The run – acknowledgement to  maffie587

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