Out of the Blue – a success story

Several years ago three ex-RAF pilots quaffed a few bottles of wine and had an idea to raise money for the service charities.  Maybe it was the the wine, maybe their combined experiences, however they reckoned there was a rich vein of untold service anecdotes out there which were swapped in the bar but never repeated in earshot of the “fun detectors”.   The word was put out and the result “Out of the Blue” was born, a collection of funnies and scaries cobbled together by Dim Jones, Chris Long and Ian Cowie – the wine drinkers.  It made around £40k for charity so glasses recharged, and more stories to print, “Out of the Blue Too” was compiled which led on to the final (their words not mine) compilation “Out of the Blue- The Final Landing”.  The pot of gold for the charities now stands at an amazing £80,000!!!

To assist promoting the series, the editors were at the May 2018 Cold War Jets Day and undertook some video shooting and interviews to further publicise the books.  They realised that they had hit the market for ex-service personnel and friends but there may be some potential customers not aware of these excellent reminisces.  The video can be viewed using the link.  Why not pass the information around your friends and cough up the cost of a book or the series- after all the service charities do a fantastic job assisting our service folk struggling with their changed lives.  There is no profit- it all goes to charity.

OUT OF THE BLUE – RAF SHORT STORIES from David Coleman on Vimeo.