Come and see Teasin’ Tina on Sunday

It is Open Day at the Cold War Jets Museum Bruntingthorpe on Sunday.  The demonstration running order is:

11.00.     VC.10.
11.30.    2 Buccaneers
12.00.     Comet
12.30.    Canberra.
1.00.      Iskra and Delphin
1.30.      Nimrod
2.00.      2 Jet Provosts
2.30.      Iskra                         
2.35       BBMF Spitfire               Fly past
2.40.      Lightning
3.00       2 Hunters
3.30       2 Buccaneers
4.00.      Victor
The Victor team will be on hand during the day in their Merchandise Tent where there is plenty to browse, buy and get signed.  See you there!!

Black Buck 1 Anniversary First Day Covers

We are planning to arrange a philatelic treat to our supporters.   We recently commemorated the Black Buck 1 mission at Bruntingthorpe.  As part of this celebration we have arranged with the Adjutant of the Canberra WT333 Team to produce a series of Black Buck first day philatelic covers.

To commemorate the historic flight of Victor XL189  on Black Buck 1 we have produced 189 numbered covers to be flown on a flight from the UK to Ascension, the Falklands and return.  They will be Ascension Island postmarked over the 65p Vulcan stamp.  They will be signed by Martin Withers, who flew Vulcan 607, and the crew members of XL189, Bob, Glyn and Mike.  There are also 50 similar covers but with C-130 + Sea Harrier stamp instead  plus a few stamped with other aircraft stamps in the Ascension Island series.  All have appropriate fillers.



The first day cover- White 2 returns to Wideawake







We await the resumption of direct flights from Ascension Island to the Falklands but in the meantime if you wish to show an interest please use the our contact form and we will update you on progress.

We offer a philatelic cover stamped with GB issues cancelled by the  Birmingham Special Handstamp Centre with their Leicester permanent philatelic postmark dated 30th April. They also were on board our run on 30th April.  They will be signed and for sale.

The flight crew demonstrate the First Day Covers






XL189 Filler








Victor XM715 Filler





Black Buck 1 35th Anniversary 30th April

Black Buck 1 Veterans- on parade
Anniversary run complete

The weather was perfect, the crowd was great and we all had a good time.  Over 140 enthusiasts and Black Buck veterans attended the event at the Whittle Building, Cold War Jets Museum.  Flypast magazine organised an excellent photo shoot catering for all photographers in front of the aircraft- we even had re-enactors complete in an immersion suit.

The run was trouble free although an unfavourable cross wind meant the run was towards the thresh hold.  The boys coped with some initial computer problems but delivered the presentation and after an excellent buffet lunch, we hope our old and new friends departed happy with their experience.  We have added a few more pennies to keep Tina on the road, so thanks to you all.  I will add a gallery of the day shortly.

Tux introducing his briefing






Glyn enthralling us with tales of the Falklands and the Tristar air link
Mike introducing the initial section explaining how the MRR operation worked