Come and see Teasin’ Tina on Sunday

It is Open Day at the Cold War Jets Museum Bruntingthorpe on Sunday.  The demonstration running order is:

11.00.     VC.10.
11.30.    2 Buccaneers
12.00.     Comet
12.30.    Canberra.
1.00.      Iskra and Delphin
1.30.      Nimrod
2.00.      2 Jet Provosts
2.30.      Iskra                         
2.35       BBMF Spitfire               Fly past
2.40.      Lightning
3.00       2 Hunters
3.30       2 Buccaneers
4.00.      Victor
The Victor team will be on hand during the day in their Merchandise Tent where there is plenty to browse, buy and get signed.  See you there!!

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