Living the Dream

On Sunday at the Open Day the Teasin’ Tina crew were able to make one mans dream come true.  Chris Gilson, the editor of the excellent aviation magazine for restored aircraft, “Flypast” had, since childhood, harboured the dream of a ride in a Victor.  As thanks for his recent superlative article on Victor XM715, the team invited him to ride during the aborted take off demonstration at the CWJ Open Day on Sunday.   In his own words when I asked him on Monday if he had stopped smiling yet he said:

“I have to be honest and say no, I haven’t stop smiling yet. I can’t thank you and Bob, Glyn and Terry enough for my ride.  As I said at the time, it was genuinely a boyhood dream – from climbing all over the K1 that was on the fire dump at St Athan many years ago as an air cadet I’ve loved Victors, and that really was the icing on the cake.”

We enjoyed the ride as well as seen in the photo.

Chris Gilson and the crew
Chris with the flight deck crew- Bob, Glyn, Terry and Mike

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